The company's official cryptocurrency

DankiToken represents the value of the company.

The company token has several uses.

Unlike many blockchain applications, our cryptocurrency will have (already has) a gigantic ecosystem.

As it represents the value of the company, DankiToken is the governance currency of the entire ecosystem, with its staking values, benefit for holders, purchases of NFTs exclusively in games linked to other currencies (in the future, DT may appear in NFTs games to buy limited characters that will have greater advantages than others), advantages in farms of other currencies among others.

DankiToken is a priority for the company, as it will represent the trust of the holders and investors of the entire project, whether directly buying the coin, or indirectly using other applications in the ecosystem.

Being a DankiToken holder is believing in the value of each company application

In addition, on the Danki Code Finance website you can stay up to date with everything we are releasing.

We currently have:

  1. Pool Rewards;

  2. Stake System;

  3. Own SWAP system, BNB for Danki Token and Danki Token for BNB.

  4. Soon a fully decentralized social network to give the greatest use to the Token.

Our roadmap is extensive and under constant development.

All our apps have a roadmap. Including the Danki Code Finance website itself.

See official website for news.

🔥 Our cryptocurrency also has its own website. Access

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