The Heroes and Profits

๐Ÿ‘‹ We currently have 7 premium heroes, but we have a different smart contract where we can easily feed and change game settings. Therefore, new NFTs can be made available at any time, as well as reinforcing the game's security for our players.

โญ From the moment you acquire a hero, your withdrawal restrictions are over and you can withdraw money from the game whenever you want

Each hero has a fixed rest time for his Battle.

To know the earnings and exact rest time visit the game as the data is updated in real time directly from the blockchain.

Every hero will always have ROI (return on investment) ranging from 130% to 180%.

โญ This algorithm is fixed and has been implemented so the player never takes the risk of playing and at some point their hero "dies".

๐Ÿš€Another differential of the Game and the company's transparency.

ROI values may change, but we always guarantee return on investment.

That is to say, you buy a hero, and you will get back what you invested as well as an extra percentage.

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