🚗Danki Racing

A new game, with a new token.

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Successfully launched another game in our huge ecosystem, along with Token: DGT.

The objective of this game is to be a Play2Earn Game where your NFTs are cars and you can farm the Game Token.

DGT Token:


At Danki Finance we believe that the more applications for our ecosystem, the better.

The interesting thing about this game is that it is cheap and easy to start.

You can choose an NFT to start with:

Just like the Game Danki Castle independent of the chosen NFT, your ROI is always greater than you invested.

Danki Racing ROI works like Game Danki Castle, but using the DGT token.

To buy DGTs use Pancakeswap:

🚀 Play now and farm DGTs.

Access the game through the link below:

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