How it works?

FREE mode is currently disabled. However, it can be activated at any time.

Every player has 1 free NFT!

Meet the Peasant! The player everyone has access to and can immediately earn Danki Game Tokens by battling. One click, start the battle and earn your Danki Game Tokens.

Peasant has a rest time of each battle of up to 12~22 hours.

Your reward per battle can range from 1DGT to 2DGT.

Although yes, you can play for free, we have an in-game algorithm for abuse.

So in some moments you will not be able to battle or withdraw.

I can play as many times as I want?

Attention: Free players have a limit on how much they can win. Your maximum wins are 10DGT.

Remember that at times you will not be able to withdraw, due to our free account protection algorithm.

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