Liquidity Pools and others

We currently use the same contract as PancakeswapRouter.

But in the course of the project we intend to make our own fork of the UniswapV2.

At the moment the fork is already being made and adapted.

The reason we didn't create our own version would still be mainly for strategic reasons.

Once a Uniswap fork is made, which is not an easy task, it will be added to our website:

  • Option to create liquidity;

  • Swap based on new contract settlements;

If this fork is made at the current moment of the project, "arbitrage" will occur and may harm the economy of our tokens. That's why at this moment we use PancakeSwapRouter's own contract.

And among other features:

Eventually this fork will be done because we also intend to be a DEX. All systems found on Pancakeswap, for example and more.

The reason we are "targeting" to be a DEX with several options and features involving web3 & blockchain is due to our belief that the more applications (games, DEX, Pools), the better for the economy of our tokens.

At the moment the Danki Finance ecosystem is already huge. We already have Crypto Games, Pool Rewards, Airdrop System and much more.

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